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The AUD $79.95
lodging fee is collected when you lodge a tax return for the chosen year. This fee is only charged if you lodge a return.

This service allows you to lodge one tax return per year for any year from 2014 to 2019. You can come back at a later date and edit a return until such time it is complete and ready to be lodged.

If you have any queries about our service and would like further information please click here to ask your question otherwise click here to get started.

This fee includes the following services:


By going ONLINE to prepare your Tax Return you get the help of a Tax Agent at a reduced price.There are drop down menus and lots of memory prompts to make it easy, as well as get the best in Tax Deductions and make sure the return is right.
To make the return easier for you to complete we have taken out such items as business, partnerships, trust, foreign income, capital gains, (except by way of dividend) and those items which are not common but are difficult to understand and complete. A full list set out below:

Items NOT covered by this Return
  • Bonuses from Life Insurance Companies
  • Business Income
  • Capital Gains, Except on Dividends
  • Family Tax Benefits (Refer to Centrelink)
  • Foreign Income
  • Fund Manager Income
  • Income from Partnerships & Trusts
  • Landcare and Water Facility Offset
  • Low Value Pool Deductions
  • Project Pool Deductions
  • Rental Property
  • Zone or Overseas Forces Offset/Rebates

  • Salary & Wage Income
  • Work Related Expenses
  • Centrelink Payments & Rebates
  • Eligible Termination Payments
  • Annuities & Superannuation Pensions
  • Interest Income
  • Dividend Income
  • Interest & Dividend Expenses
  • Managing you Tax Affairs
  • Any Other Income
  • Any Other Deductions
  • Spouse/ Child House-keeper Offsets/Rebates
  • Senior Australian/Pensioner Rebates
  • Superannuation Contributions Schemes
  • Baby Bonus
  • Medical Expenses Offset/Rebates
  • Health Insurance Offset/Rebates
  • Under 18 Excepted Net Income
  • Part Year Tax-Free Threshold
  • Farm Management Deposits/Withdrawals
    or Parent, Spouse Parent or Invalid Relative Offsets/Rebates

If you are a wage/salary earner then this is for you:
  • Remember, if you get stuck or have a question then E-mail us at
  • You will be able to print a copy of what you have done as well as a receipt, and the amount of your refund, if you get a refund.
  • Your return will be electronically lodged to get you a speedy refund. We do not bank your refund, it will go directly to you.
  • To pay you need to enter credit card information. Once you have paid, we are committed to making sure your return is lodged, so we will give you any help needed.

All information are kept strictly confidential, CCAcounting shall not disclose them.

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