Conditions of Agreement - Legal Information

Tax Return 2019

Description of services you are purchasing

You are purchasing an Individual Tax Return which will be lodged electronically. The return contains the items listed above at the heading "What is in The Return", and does not include items listed at the heading "Items not covered by this return".


Cost is in Australian dollars.

Privacy Policy

All data collected will be used to produce a tax return to be lodged, by us, with the Australian Tax Office. The data you provide will be treated in strict confidence and only used to produce your tax return, unless you give further details to how you want the information used.


The Credit Card/EFT facility we used is E-way Bureau. The site is fully secured and your credit card details are confidential.

Do you want to know something about us?

Customer Service

Our telephone number is (02)4351-8366. Our email address is Please try the email address first if you have any difficulties.

Refund Policy

Once you have made payment we are committed to getting your return lodged. We do not make refunds, but rather we will help you get over difficulties.

Legal Restrictions

There are no legal restrictions on this product.

Base Country

CC Accounting is based in Australia.

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