2016 Tax Time... Let's compare prices

We get that you're all different. This is why we ask questions to get to know you better because the more we know about you the better the RETURN we can get for you.

There are plenty of options when it comes to doing your tax... So what makes CC ACCOUNTING stand out? For us it's the human touch. Our success lies in our shared passion which is all about delivering awesome service and putting you at the heart of what we do.

At CC Accounting we ask Questions we go through every deduction that could apply for your occupation... We also, take the time to teach you how to keep records & most importantly what records to keep for your occupation! We are there for you every step of the way.

You think we would stop there but we don't... We are also Licensed Mortgage Brokers. See, we figured by cutting the middle man out we can make applying for loans so much easier for you - Did we also mention it's FREE... Why not get a health check on your current loan... Let's see if your bank is performing its best for you!

Once again we have been able to maintain good, competitive prices:

Fees for Tax Returns Preparations Inc. GST

  • Individuals - $140
  • Business - Sole Traders with Financial Statements - $340
  • Partnerships - $360
  • Trusts - $540
  • Companies - $840
  • Superannuation Funds - $960
  • Business Activity Statements from - $155
If you have multiple years - We really need to get you up to date... So let's negotiate a price! Please enquire within.

I'm sure will understand that additional costs may be incurred where Cash Book work is required. The cost will depend upon the actual work needed... As we can't give you an exact price right now, we can say the AVERAGE additional cost for a business return is being between $140 and $280.

Further costs may be added if Capital Gains Tax, Termination payments, Personal Superannuation or Employee Share Scheme work has to be done.

  • Eftpos/Credit Card facility is available
  • Afterhours available by appointment

Wednesday, October 24 2018

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